Monday was a bright day

handmade, wire jewelry

‘Suppenin? (i know this is not a word)

You don’t know that, but I live in one bedroom apartment facing east, and although I’m not much of a fan of Ploiesti (the city I live in) I love my home because it gets a lot of natural light and in the morning I get to see the sunrise from my bed. Yes, I am one of those annoyingly morning persons. See what I’m talking about?

morning viewsunrise

I got carried away, I wanted to tell you about what I worked on yesterday. Sooo, yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day and it inspired me to make some “rought cut” pendants. I’m a sucker for geometric shapes and I don’t know if you do, too, but I just looove them.

It all started with this tutorial I found on pinterest for the heart shaped earrings. You’ll find lovely tutorials on “Fall for DIY” blog, btw. Check it out! I loved the ideea of simplicity and when I saw how pretty they look on my ears I just wanted to make more small simple earrings. That brought me to the small circles and triangle earrings (they hardly are triangles because it’s difficult to get those angles when you use wire on such a small scale). I will surely make more shapes, don’t worry, I will keep you up-dated.

With geometry on my mind I made the pendants you see below. I hope you enjoy, because I had a blast making them, unlike my neighbours who had to hear the hammering all day. Don’t worry, no one complained yet.



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